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The Rhino TowStep, AccessStep and ImpactStep steps

Easy access and protection for your vehicle:

When it comes to making access to your vehicle easier and protecting it at the same time, Rhino Products offers a range of high quality steps. This article introduces the TowStep, AccessStep and ImpactStep models, each designed to meet the specific needs of vehicle owners.

1st TowStep – The rear step with removable centre section

The Rhino TowStep is an excellent solution for vehicles with towbars. With a removable centre step, it provides easy access to the rear of panel vans and fits on towbars with a flange ball head. Installation is simple and flexible and the TowStep is available with or without parking sensors. With a non-slip tread, 110° pivoting angle and 136kg load capacity, it provides comfort and safety in all weathers.

2. AccessStep – The step for panel vans, transporters and vans

Rhino’s AccessStep rear step is designed to provide easy access to the load area of panel vans and cab chassis vans. Available in two or three-piece versions, it provides a uniform width and height for convenient access from both sides of the hinged doors. With a non-slip surface and easy installation on a wide range of vehicles, AccessStep is a practical and cost-effective solution.

3. ImpactStep – The step with impact protection

The ImpactStep rear step from Rhino Products combines functionality with protection against loading, unloading and parking damage. Equipped with pivoting bumpers, it absorbs the energy of low speed collisions and protects your vehicle from costly accident damage. ImpactStep is also available with or without parking sensors and offers easy installation on a wide range of vehicles.

Rhino steps are great solution for professionals 

Whether you are looking for convenient access, easy installation or additional protection for your vehicle, Rhino Products offers the right solution with its TowStep, AccessStep and ImpactStep steps. You can purchase these products conveniently online from shops such as and and benefit from their outstanding quality and functionality.

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