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TESA Electric Leveling System – Stabilization and Comfort

Fully automatic stabilisation for more comfort

Electric stabilisers offer a fully automatic solution for stabilising motorhomes. They are lighter, maintenance-free and have no risk of hydraulic fluid leaks, making them an excellent alternative to hydraulic systems. These stabilisers eliminate chassis movement, regardless of whether they are activated manually, electrically or hydraulically. Once you have enjoyed the comfort of a levelling system, you will never want to do without it again. A stable platform makes cooking and sleeping in the motorhome more comfortable, especially on uneven terrain.

Electric stabiliser supports – A cheaper alternative to hydraulic systems

A cost-effective alternative to hydraulic systems

While manual jacks are mainly found in caravans, hydraulic and electrically operated jacks compete for the favour of users in motorhomes. Hydraulic systems are expensive and heavy, while electric stabilisers are a cheaper and lighter alternative. Italian company TESA, based in Montesilvano (near Pescara), has been a leading manufacturer of easy-to-use, reliable and effective levelling jacks for most motorhomes since 1997, including models such as Fiat Ducato, Mercedes Sprinter, Iveco Daily, Ford Transit and Renault Master.

Lightweight, robust jacks for your motorhome

TESA’s electrically operated supports weigh just 11kg each and the entire system weighs 48-50kg. Each support can carry a load of up to 2500 kg, while the total weight of the vehicle must not exceed 5000 kg. The jacks are powered by the vehicle battery, with a maximum current consumption of 12 A. As they do not use hydraulic fluid, they are less susceptible to extreme temperatures, dust and water. The control unit has built-in safety devices to prevent accidental lowering while driving.

Lightweight, sturdy supports for your camper van


Proven installation kits

TESA levelling systems have been available for years throughout Europe, including Germany, France, the Netherlands and Denmark. In Central and Western Europe, XIMPLIO is the official representative. XIMPLIO offers a full range of TESA products, which are sold to both business and private customers. All products are stocked in several warehouses across Europe and can be purchased through various sales channels such as eBay, Amazon, Hood and the online shop The products come with a three-year factory warranty.

Fully automatic stabilisation for greater convenience


Easy instalation

The system takes around 4-6 hours to install and is very easy to use. Using a panel or remote control, the supports are activated in pairs to prevent the vehicle frame from twisting due to uneven surfaces. The system works reliably in a wide temperature range from -30°C to 50°C. In addition to the four supports, only two supports can be mounted, usually on the front wheels if the rear axle is already equipped with a pneumatic suspension system.

Easy to use after installation



TESA offers a durable, maintenance-free and effective solution for stabilising and levelling motorhomes. Their systems are easy to install and offer a high load capacity at a low weight. Thanks to their wide availability and distribution, TESA levelling jacks are an excellent choice for any motorhome owner.


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