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How much does it cost to install a towbar?

Welcome to TOWBARS-ONLINE, your guide to towbars. As the cost of purchasing and fitting a towbar is a recurring theme, we have taken up the matter and tried to get to the bottom of the questions and answer them.

Retrofitting costs of a towbar for cars, vans and motorhomes

The installation of a towbar in a vehicle, be it a passenger car, a van or a motorhome, includes not only the purchase of the towbar itself and the cable set, but also the installation of the towbar and the connection of the electrical kit. Under current law, you can install the towbar yourself or have it installed in any workshop. Proof of (correct) installation is not required.

If we decide to have it retrofitted in a workshop, we would at least like to know the estimated cost of the installation. This raises the question: How can we find out the cost of fitting a towbar?

How do you estimate the cost of installing a towbar in a workshop?

To get at least a rough estimate of the installation costs, you can ask a mechanic, but you will rarely get a clear answer. Another method is to calculate the time required to install the towbar. For all towbars in our range, you will find information on the time required to fit the towbar and install the wiring harness. To determine the estimated cost of installation, multiply the installation time stated in the quotation by the average hourly rate of the workshop.

The hourly rate of a mechanic depends on many factors, such as location, reputation of the company, specialisation, and others.

If you are looking for a workshop in your area that can fit a towbar for your motorhome, we recommend the blog article Fitting and service centres for motorhomes.

What does the installation time of the towbar depend on?

The installation of a towbar is not complicated and, in most cases, can be carried out in your own garage. How much time should I allow for the installation of a towbar and what does this depend on? As mentioned in the previous paragraph, you should check the installation time in our quote to estimate it. However, the installation time depends on the complexity of the towbar and the need for additional work, such as cutting the bumper to size.

Fitting a towbar also means that a power socket needs to be connected. Installing an electrical harness can be trivial or sometimes impossible if you do it at home. What does it depend on?

Universal wiring harnesses do not require any additional activation or equipment, so their installation can be done by any amateur mechanic.

Vehicle-specific wiring kits are easier to connect but require so-called activation (also known as activation) for some vehicles. What is activation for a towbar wiring kit? In colloquial terms, you must explain to your car that it has been given a new electrical device and must operate it from now on. To activate such wiring harnesses, service software is required, and in most cases, we need to consult a specialist.

Installation costs when fitting a towbar for motorhomes and cars

The installation costs for fitting a towbar can vary depending on the vehicle type and type of towbar. In general, the installation costs for a towbar are higher for a motorhome than for a car due to the larger size and higher weight of the vehicle.

In the case of a motorhome, several steps often need to be carried out to fit the towbar correctly. This includes, for example, removing bumpers, panelling, or other parts to gain access to the required attachment points. Laying cables and fitting sockets can also be more time-consuming.

In addition, some motorhome models may require special brackets, adapters or frame extensions to securely and stably attach the towbar. This can also (significantly) increase the installation costs.

In the case of a car, fitting a towbar is generally easier and quicker as the vehicle is smaller and fewer steps are required. The costs for the towbar itself can also be lower for a car, as the size and weight of the vehicle are smaller.

Can I install the towbar myself and is it worth it?

If you decide to fit a towbar in your own garage, you should not only have the basic knowledge but also the basic tools. The question of which tools you need to fit a towbar can be answered by referring to the fitting instructions for the towbar. In most cases, tools such as socket spanners, open-end spanners, ring spanners, torque spanners, jacks, angle grinders and jigsaws are sufficient. A set of screwdrivers and a 12-volt test light or a measuring device are sufficient for installing a universal wiring harness.

How can I fit a towbar myself?

The installation of a towbar is similar for most vehicles and consists of the following steps:

  1. removal of the rear bumper (not required for every vehicle).
  2. removal of the rear lights (not required for all vehicles).
  3. removal of the rear cross member (not required for every vehicle).
  4. installation of the trailer coupling.
  5. connection of the wiring harness.
  6. adjusting the towbar on the vehicle.
  7. tightening all screw connections.
  8. cut-out in the bumper for the ball head of the towbar (not required for all vehicles)
  9. bumper and lamp assembly (not required for all vehicles)
  10. installation of the bumper and rear lights (not required for all vehicles)

The most common mistakes when fitting a towbar

Despite the obviousness of this statement, we must emphasise this as the most important rule that must always be observed: Follow the fitting instructions. It is extremely important to follow the sequence of work when fitting a towbar.

Failure to follow the installation sequence is the most common mistake made by (but not limited to) hobby craftsmen. The consequence of this is, for example, that the holes do not fit or something cannot be tightened, etc.

Another very common mistake when fitting a towbar is that the fitted parts of the coupling are screwed on without first screwing in all the other bolts. This results in the other parts not fitting into the holes. If we do this correctly, we screw on all the parts so that each part has a small degree of freedom. By fitting the other components, you can then align the entire device before finally screwing it together with a torque spanner.

Should I fit a towbar myself or in a workshop?

Everyone has to answer this question for themselves, knowing their own manual skills, their own tools and the complexity of the installation.

Is it worth it? We encourage you to do it, we will help you and we will also provide you with illustrated instructions that will enable even the casual mechanic to fit a towbar themselves.

If you’re looking for a towbar to fit yourself, you’ve come to the right place.

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