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Ball heads for towbars

A comprehensive guide

The ball head plays a central role in securely connecting your vehicle to a trailer, caravan or bike rack. When buying a towbar, choosing the right ball head is crucial, as it is an essential element that is important for the future use, maintenance of the towbar and replacement of the ball.

The AHK online shop offers you a wide range of ball heads to choose from: Flange ball heads, gooseneck ball heads, pinball heads, USA ball heads as well as the customisation of a ball head. But what are the differences and which ball head is the right one for your vehicle?

Different ball head types and their advantages

  1. Flanged ball head: The flanged ball head is attached to the towbar with four or two screws and offers a high degree of flexibility for mounting accessories such as bike racks or additional lighting. It can be adapted to specific requirements, such as different towing heights, by changing the ball head and can be used universally for cars, lorries, QUADs, tractors and other vehicles.

  1. Gooseneck ball head: This ball head offers an elegant design and is often used on newer vehicle models or those with integrated towbar systems. It is permanently attached to the towbar, is not detachable and takes up less space.

  1. Bolt ball head: A versatile solution, especially when a conventional flanged ball head is too short. It offers a greater distance between the ball and the mounting plate and is ideal for commercial and agricultural vehicles, cars, lorries, QUADs, trikes and car transporters.


  1. Towing pin: As the central connecting element between the vehicle and trailer, the towing pin enables secure and firm coupling. It is often used in vehicles from the USA, Asia or Australia for trailer coupling inserts and is available in European and American standards.


Important considerations when choosing a ball head

  • Wearing part: The ball head is a wearing part. Regular visual inspection and measurement of the diameter are important. A ball that is smaller than 49 mm must not be used.


  • Adaptability: Flange balls are available in different shapes, which makes it easier to adjust the ball height. This is particularly useful when adjustments to the height of the towbar are required.


  • Procurement of spare parts: Standardised ball heads make replacement easier in the event of wear or loss. This means that the entire towbar does not have to be replaced.

Where to find the right ball head

The AHK online shop is your central point of contact for ball heads of all kinds. Whether you are looking for a solution for heavy loads, a customised ball or a universal screw-on plate – you will find an extensive selection of ball heads there, which are also available via sales platforms such as eBay


Choosing the right ball head for your towbar is crucial for the safety and durability of the system. Whether it’s flanged, gooseneck or bolt-on ball heads, each type has its specific benefits and applications. Regular checks for wear and the ability to easily replace the ball head if necessary are essential aspects for long-lasting functionality. The AHK online shop offers a comprehensive selection for every requirement and even enables customised solutions to meet all needs.

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