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Towing load, drawbar load, D-value for a towbar coupling

Meaning, calculation and their importance Welcome to TOWBARS-Online, your comprehensive guide to towbars and their load values. If you want to tow a trailer, caravan or trailer with your vehicle, it is crucial not only to know the terms towing load, drawbar load and D-value, but also to understand their meaning and calculation. These values… Read More »Towing load, drawbar load, D-value for a towbar coupling

Ball heads for towbars

A comprehensive guide The ball head plays a central role in securely connecting your vehicle to a trailer, caravan or bike rack. When buying a towbar, choosing the right ball head is crucial, as it is an essential element that is important for the future use, maintenance of the towbar and replacement of the ball.… Read More »Ball heads for towbars

Bumper protection for towbars

A must have for every car owner It can happen quickly when coupling and uncoupling towbars: a small accident and the bumper of the towing vehicle is damaged. This can be annoying and expensive. Fortunately, there is a simple solution to effectively prevent such damage – bumper protection for towbars. The simple solution to scratches… Read More »Bumper protection for towbars