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Bumper protection for towbars

A must have for every car owner

It can happen quickly when coupling and uncoupling towbars: a small accident and the bumper of the towing vehicle is damaged. This can be annoying and expensive. Fortunately, there is a simple solution to effectively prevent such damage – bumper protection for towbars.

The simple solution to scratches and dents

Online shops offers a wide range of products specially designed to protect your bumper from minor mishaps when hitching and unhitching. Whether it’s a towbar with a gooseneck ball or a towbar with a flanged ball, we have the right protection for you.

The right protection for each type

For swanneck towbars, we recommend a rubber bumper protector in an eye-catching red colour. This soft plastic protector simply slips over the coupling and not only protects your bumper from scratches, but also protects your legs from injury in the event of accidental contact with the coupling.

For towbars with a flanged ball, the bumper protector is available in black stainless steel or black powder coated. Easy to fit between the towing bracket and the flanged ball head, this robust guard fits any towbar with a 90mm hole pattern and provides extra grip with its anti-slip feature.

Applications for optimum protection

Whether you have a horse trailer, caravan, car transporter or even a car transport trailer, our mudguards offer reliable protection and can be used universally. Especially with heavy trailers, the centre-moulded mudguard makes coupling easier and effectively prevents damage.

Availability and purchase

The item is available on popular sales platforms such as eBay or AMAZON. This gives you plenty of opportunities to find and buy the right protection for your vehicle.


A bumper protector is a small investment that quickly pays for itself. Not only will it protect your vehicle from unsightly damage, it will also save you time and money on potential repairs. Equip your vehicle with the high quality products from and enjoy the safety and comfort that our bumper bars offer.

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