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Spare wheel holder for cars and motorhomes

An indispensable solution when travelling

In the world of mobility, especially for motorhome and car owners, storing a spare wheel is often a challenge. While most modern vehicles are equipped with a spare wheel or tyre repair kit, this can hardly be enough in the event of a real breakdown on a long journey. This is where the need for spare wheel holders comes into play, offering a practical and efficient solution.

Various spare wheel holders on the market

There are various spare wheel holders that have been developed for different needs and vehicle types. Spare wheel holders can be mounted at the rear, under the rear garage, on the roof or even in the spare wheel well. For vehicles with a gas system, where the gas tank is often located in the spare wheel well, special solutions such as an additional spare wheel holder are required.

For owners of motorhomes, such as the Fiat Ducato, semi-integrated or fully integrated motorhomes and panel vans, the market offers various solutions. These make it possible to make optimum use of the often-limited space without having to sacrifice the safety of a spare wheel.

The innovation from LEMET: spare wheel holder for trailer coupling

An outstanding example of innovative solutions in the field of spare wheel brackets is the development by LEMET. Their spare wheel holder for the towbar is a real highlight that combines both practical and user-friendly aspects. It can be mounted quickly and easily on the vehicle’s towbar, like a bicycle carrier. This solution is particularly attractive for vehicles where the traditional mounting locations for a spare wheel are used for other purposes or are not available.

Advantages of the LEMET spare wheel holder:

Easy installation: mounted on the towbar, this solution provides a simple and secure mounting option for the spare wheel. With options such as plug-in coupling without tilt function, with tilt function and even with quick-release device, it adapts to different needs.

Accessibility: The tilt function makes it easier to access the boot without having to remove the holder. This is a great advantage, especially when travelling.

Universality: Designed for a wide range of tyre sizes and bolt circles, this holder fits almost every vehicle model.

Robustness: Available in silver (hot-dip galvanised) and black (powder-coated), the holder not only offers a high load capacity of up to 45 kg, but also weather resistance and durability.

LEMET rear spare wheel carrier: your travelling safety, redefined

Discover the LEMET rear spare wheel carrier, a revolutionary solution that allows you to transport your spare wheel easily, safely and accessibly on your towbar. With its user-friendly installation and universal compatibility, the LEMET carrier has been specially developed to make your everyday travelling safer and more convenient – without compromising on space and comfort.

Whether you are planning an adventure in a semi-integrated motorhome, a trip in a panel van or a journey in a car with special requirements such as a gas system, the LEMET carrier adapts to your needs. Available in two attractive colour variants and for all common tyre sizes and bolt circles, it is the ideal choice for anyone who values safety, flexibility, and quality.

Visit our online shops AHK-Onlineshop and X-CAMPING to find out more about the LEMET spare wheel holder and make your journeys safer from now on. Discover how you can create storage space without having to do without the indispensable spare wheel. With LEMET you are prepared for anything – no matter where your journey takes you.

A word from the managing director

“You can currently find our spare wheel holders and other innovative solutions for your vehicle at AHK-Onlineshop and X-CAMPING. Equip your motorhome, car or van with the best products today and enjoy your journey knowing that you are prepared for any situation.” – a promise from LEMET that prioritises safety and comfort when travelling.

Wawrzyniec Roszkowski

Managing Director of LEMET


Choosing the right spare wheel holder is crucial for safety and comfort when travelling. With the innovative solutions from LEMET, especially the spare wheel holder for the trailer coupling, drivers are ideally equipped to be prepared for all eventualities.

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