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Skid wheels for long overhang Camper’s

Vehicles with long overhangs, like motorhomes, often suffer from bouncing issues, especially on ferries, steep driveways, and rough camping grounds. The low ground clearance at the rear end poses a risk of damage to various parts, including the rear skirt, pipes, exhaust systems, bumpers, chassis, and even the caravan’s structure. While complete protection is difficult, there are ways to minimize the risk.

Protection against ground contact with anti-skid wheels or bumpers

The issue of ground contact, known as touchdown, can be effectively addressed with touchdown protection systems. Several manufacturers, such as Memo Europe, Sawiko, XIMPLIO or LEMET offer solutions for this purpose. These typically include specialized caster rollers or bumpers designed to provide various benefits.

Mounted either at the rear end of the vehicle’s frame or on the towbar, skid wheels help cushion impacts by rolling smoothly over the ground. Particularly beneficial for motorhomes with long overhangs, these rollers prevent the vehicle frame from touching the ground, thus safeguarding it against damage.

Alternatively, special bumpers serve as impact protection without the need for castors. Their primary function is to absorb the initial impact energy upon contact with the ground.

Air Suspension is great alternative for the problem

For vehicles with low clearance or long overhangs, adding rear axle suspension, like air suspension, is a sleek solution. This extra suspension, placed between the rear axle and the vehicle frame, allows quick adjustment to navigate steep inclines with ease. X-CAMPING offers various options for effective touchdown protection, from air suspension to bumpers and rollers.

In terms of quality and efficiency, skid wheels are complete

Using rear caster wheels as a skid plate offers a cost-effective and simple retrofit solution, though it necessitates a robust frame extension or towbar. This setup effectively safeguards your vehicle from damage, ensuring you’re prepared for your road adventures.

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Skid wheels for campers

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