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Electrically extendable side steps – Elegance and Innovation

Electric steps: A revolution for vans and campers

The mobility and comfort of modern vans and motorhomes has improved considerably in recent years, but one innovation stands out: electric side steps. This small modification can make access to your vehicle much easier and safer. It is a significant improvement, especially for people with limited mobility or families with children. Online shops such as X-CAMPING the shop offers a selection of high-quality steps from renowned manufacturers such as AVS-Steps (Rhino Products) and Veldo, which can significantly improve both the safety and comfort of your vehicle.

Why electric steps?

The benefits of these steps are many:

– Increased safety and comfort: Getting in and out of the vehicle is made easier by a reduced step height, which is particularly important in poor weather conditions or in the dark.

– Space saving: When retracted, the steps are barely visible and do not affect the aesthetics or ground clearance of the vehicle.

– User-friendly: The steps extend and retract at the touch of a button, which is particularly handy when your hands are full.

– Wide compatibility: The steps are suitable for a wide range of vehicles, from panel vans and buses to semi-integrated or fully integrated motorhomes.

Product highlights

GlideStep™ – Elegance meets functionality  

The GlideStep™ combines elegance and functionality. With widths of 60 cm and 120 cm, it fits perfectly into a wide range of vehicles. Installation is simple thanks to the included mounting kit and the steps are designed for maximum reliability and performance. The modern design and high-quality finish, including LED strips for better visibility and anti-slip strips, guarantee safety and elegance.

Veldo Pro Series – Safety and Innovation

The Veldo Pro Series offers electrically extending steps in lengths from 40 to 120 cm, specially designed for installation under the sliding doors of panel vans or the entrance doors of motorhomes. They feature a robust design, non-slip surfaces and a powerful electric motor. The steps also work perfectly on inclined surfaces and have an automatic safety system for obstacle detection.

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Experience the difference with X-CAMPING

X-CAMPING are proud to offer their customers only the best products. The electric steps from AVS-Steps and Veldo are no exception. You can also find the products on sites such as eBay. These steps not only offer added value in terms of safety and comfort but are also a statement of modern vehicle technology.

Invest in your safety and comfort with an electric sidestep for your vehicle. Discover the wide range of options with X-CAMPING today and experience the difference on your next adventure.

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