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Universal hitch with 2-inch attachment

A must-have for QUAD and off-road vehicles

For owners of quads, SUVs and other off-road vehicles that are frequently used in extreme conditions, flexibility in the use of additional equipment such as winches, snow ploughs or salt spreaders is crucial. The universal implement carriers with 2-inch attachment offer a robust and versatile solution to master this challenge.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Versatile use: Whether off-road, on the road or at home – with a universal tool carrier, you can quickly and easily equip your vehicle for different requirements.
  • Simple installation: The tool carriers are designed so that they can be mounted either at the front or rear of the vehicle. The screw-on plate supplied enables quick and secure attachment.
  • Wide compatibility: With three different hole patterns (83 x 56 mm, 85 x 45 mm or 90 mm), the tool carriers are compatible with towbars from many well-known manufacturers, including Bosal, Steinhof and AUTOHAK.
  • Easy conversion : The practical design allows a European towbar to be converted to the US standard, increasing the range of compatible devices and accessories.

Availability and compatibility:

In the AHK online shop, you will find various versions of towbar mounts that include a bolt-on plate and can be fitted to the front or rear of the vehicle. The screw-on plates are available in the sizes 83 x 56 mm, 85 x 45 mm or 90 mm and fit a 2-inch insert. These universal adapter plates are not only a simple solution for attaching various devices but can also be universally fitted to towbars from other manufacturers.

Technical data and models:

Hole pattern 83 x 56 mm, 85 x 45 mm or 90 mm: The hole spacing, and diameter differ depending on the model, with maximum trailer loads of up to 3500 kg and D-values of up to 17.2 kN being achieved. The support loads vary depending on the model, but always guarantee a high load capacity.


Investing in a universal implement carrier with a 2-inch mount is a smart decision for anyone who wants to use their vehicle in a variety of conditions. Whether for commercial purposes or private adventures, the flexibility and robustness of these tool carriers make them an indispensable addition to your vehicle.

Visit the AHK online shop and discover the wide range of universal tool carriers, which are also available via sales platforms such as eBay, AMAZON. Equip your vehicle now and get it ready for any adventure!

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