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Towbar extension for trailer hitches for commercial vehicles

Towball spacers: your solution for everyday challenges

For car drivers, especially owners of vehicles such as pick-ups, vans, delivery vans, buses, off-road vehicles or motorhomes, the standard length of the trailer coupling (AHK) often poses a problem.

The need to fit bicycle racks, carry spare wheels or couple trailers with special stabilisers regularly leads to restrictions. This is where the innovative solutions from XIMPLIO come into play: Hook extensions or towbar extensions.

A brief explanation of the problem

A common problem is the insufficient distance between the towbar ball and the mounting surface, which makes it difficult to couple trailers with stabilisers, such as AL-KO, and leads to restriction when manoeuvring or opening the boot.

The effective solution

Installing a hook extension or a spacer significantly increases the distance of the tow ball. These products allow each flanged ball, which is attached to the front of the hook, to be positioned further away from the vehicle, thus efficiently eliminating the aforementioned restrictions.

Where to buy hook extensions

You can find these essential accessories on various sales platforms and online shops such as x-CAMPING. There you will find an extensive selection of extensions and spacers, suitable for different mounting types and vehicle types. Our range includes products from 12 mm to 15 cm extensions to meet all requirements.


End the limitations of a too-short towbar and increase the functionality of your vehicle with our wide range of hook extensions and towbar spacers. Experience unrestricted freedom and flexibility in handling your vehicle – for a carefree journey where no compromises are necessary.

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