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AHIRO by AHAKA – Bike carrier for two, three and four bikes for towbar mounting

Affordable rear carrier for eBikes

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When it comes to transporting your bikes safely and conveniently, the AHIRO bike carrier from AHAKA offers an unbeatable solution. Available for two, three or four bikes, this versatile rear carrier is the ideal choice for e-bikes, mountain bikes (MTBs) and classic bikes.

Exclusively available at X-CAMPING and auction sites AHIRO sets new standards in quality and value for money.

Versatility and compatibility

One of the biggest advantages of AHIRO bike carriers is their universal fit. Whether your tow bar is detachable, fixed, or flanged, the AHIRO range fits perfectly. With the option of a 7- or 13-pin electrical connection, the AHIRO bike carrier is compatible with almost any type of vehicle.

Sturdy construction and safety

AHIRO bike carriers have a robust construction with a steel frame and aluminium rails, which guarantees exceptional stability and durability. A maximum load capacity of 75 kg means you can safely transport both light and heavy bikes. In addition, the integrated anti-theft device ensures that both the carrier and your bikes are always secure.

Easy installation and boot access

The AHIRO bike carrier is easy to install thanks to the quick-release hitch, and the practical folding function allows easy access to the boot even when fully loaded. This gives you easy access to your bikes without having to remove the entire carrier.

Bicycle and load carrier in one

The AHIRO range is not just for bikes, it can also be used as a load carrier, making it a true all-rounder. The well-thought-out design and homologation certification underline the safety and reliability of these bike carriers.

Unbeatable price-quality ratio

The AHIRO bike carrier is more than just a means of transport; it is an investment in quality, safety and comfort. At a price that meets the needs of small and large families, AHIRO represents the best the market has to offer.

Visit the X-CAMPING or auction sites such as eBay today to find the perfect AHIRO bike rack for your needs. Whether you want to transport two, three or four bikes, AHIRO is the right choice. Experience now how AHIRO makes your cycling safer, more comfortable, and more enjoyable – the ideal choice for every quality-conscious and adventurous cyclist.

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